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Shwesettaw Wildlife Sanctuary

Shwesettaw Wildlife Sanctuary is 546 kilometre square wildlife and forestry reserve. The sanctuary is located at 20’ 04” N and 94’ 36”E, and lies in the southwest part of the Myanmar Central Dry Zone. This area has a heavy monsoon rains from May to November but a total absence of rain from December to April.Shwesettaw Wildlife Sanctuary lies in the east of the Rakhine Yoma Mountain Range and the landscape is full of low range hills.

A dry deciduous forest cowers much of the Sanctuary with an indexing forest occupying the southern quarter. Both forest types have an open canopy and a grass ground cover is widespread.

The Mone River forms the northern border of the Shwesettaw WildLife Sanctuary and the Man River is the southern border. Both the streams flows eastward into the Ayeyarwaddy River.

The Sanctuary is cut by numerous jungle tracks and roads leading to the Buddhist pagoda complex.

Shwesettaw Wildlife Sanctuary contains the largest remaining population of Burmese Star Tortoises known as Geochelone platnota. Other turtles such as Indotestudo elongate, Cyckemys dentate, Melanochelys trijuga and Lissemys scutta can also be found a few in this region.

The rare turtle species are protected by the Nature and Wildlife Conservation Division, Forestry Department of Myanmar.



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