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Although court culture has been extinguished, popular street-level culture is vibrant and thriving. Drama is the mainstay of this culture, and just about any celebration is a good excuse for a pwe (show). Performances may recount Buddhist legends, or be more light-hearted entertainments involving slapstick comedy, dance, ensemble singing or giant puppets. Myanmar music is an integral part of a pwe; it originates from Thai and emphasises rhythm and melody. Instruments are predominantly percussive and include drums, boat-shaped harps, gongs and bamboo flutes. Over 85% of the Myanmar population is Theravada Buddhist. In the Rakhine region, towards Bangladesh, there are many Muslims. Christian missionaries have had some success among hill tribes but many remain staunch animists.The toys of Myanmar are not only for the children but also famous in the world, known as the Marionettes (or) Puppets of Myanmar. Its a combination of Myanmar Art and Culture, together to show the inner expressions of the Myanmar people. Myanmar also have festivals all around the year, at least one in each month of the year. The most famous festival of Myanmar is the Thingyan Water Festival, which is held from 13 April to 16 April every year.

Religion & Beliefs

Buddhism, Pagoda, History of Buddhism, Shin Pyu, Phone Gyi Pyan, Meditation, Benevolent Prince, Man Lion, Worshipping of Nats, Superstition, Mythical Creatures, 28 Buddhas, Buddha Mudras 

Myanmar Food


Myanma Mohinga, Shwedaung Noodle, Coconut Noodle, Butter Rice, Coconut Rice, Steamed Prawn Curry, Roasted Rice Powder with Fish, Banana Pudding, Moun Bine Daunt, Mont Kalar Mei, Bamboo-tube Sticky Rice, Shan Khaw Poat, Mann Mayway, Pathein Halawah, Mango Jam, Toddy Cake, Pineapple Salad, Cucumber Salad, Squid Salad, Rice Balls. 


Kachin Manaw Festival, Htamane (Sticky Rice) Festival,Shwedagon Pagoda Festival, Mann Shwe Settaw Pagoda Festival, Kason Watering Festival, Thadingyut Lighting Festival, Matho Thingan (Yellow Robe) Weaving Festival, Ananda Pagoda Festival, Maha Myat Muni Pagoda Festival, Salone Festival, Kakku Pagoda Festival, Shwe UMin Pagoda Festival, Thingyan Water Festival, Thanakha Grinding Festival, Taungpyone Nat (Pwe) Festival, Phaung Daw Oo Pagoda Festival, Elephant Dance Festival, Kyaikhtiyo Pagoda Festival, Hot Air Balloon Festival, Naga New Year Festival, Shwesayan Pagoda Festival.


National Museum, Bagan Museum, Mrauk U Museum,

Cultural Events

The Equestrian Festival, The Traditional Regatta Festival, Cultural Spree, Rakhine Buddhist Festival, The Elegant Lotus Robe

Myanmar Wedding

Myanmar Calendar

Myanmar Astrology, Horoscope for everyone

Made in Myanmar

Myanmar Toys, Myanmar Fan, Myanmar Shampoo, Myanmar Chess, Myanmar Candy, Myanmar Umbrella, Myanma Thanakha, Myanma Latphet, Myanma Green Tea, Myanma Betel, Myanmar Wine

Traditional Practices

Loke Arr Pay, Dos and Donts

Ancient Trails

The Oldest Modern Rail Bridge, The Findings of the Bagan Palace, Superlatives of Myanmar, The Firsts in Myanmar

Myanmar Sports

Myanma Chinlon, Myanmar Kickboxing

Myanmar Games
Naming System

Myanmar Family

Myanmar Duties

Flora & Fauna


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Myanmar has a moderate climate and is also rich in different species of flowers.
As in the rest of tropical Asia, most indigenous vegetation in Myanmar is associated with two basic types of tropical forest: monsoon forest (with a distinctive dry season of three months or more) and rainforest (where rain falls more than nine months per year).
A Myanmar has no family name. A woman has her own name and retains it even after marriage. A child is normally named according to the day of the week he(or she) was born, whereby each day of the week is denoted by certain letters of the Myanmar alphabet. For example, Monday is denoted by the names Kyaw, Khin, Kyin, etc; Tuesday by San, Su, Nyi, etc, Another way to name a child is based on his (or her) date of birth.

Much has been said about the institution of family in Myanmar, that it is essentially a relationship based on specific duties and responsibilities on the part of husband, wife, parents and offspring.
Myanmar Calendar consists of 12 months.Since Myanmar Calendar is based on the Lunar Calendar, the months of the English Calendar and the Myanmar Calendar will differ in months.