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Taungthaman Lake

Taungthaman Lake is located in Amarapura near Mandalay. The famous U Bein Bridge spans across this lake. This is one of the best places in Amarapura. You can see most of the fishermen prefer wading waist-deep in the muddy water in search of fish. You can also take a boat ride along Taungthaman Lake and watch the tranquility and serenity of this beautiful lake. Especially, sunset time is the most beautiful scene.
Weaving industry is one of the main professions of the Amarapura people. Over one hundred looms are used to obtain beautiful and intricate design and patterns as silk are worn in very special and ceremonial occasions. As being a famous and interesting cottage industry, this is another place for visitors to have a look.

Shwe Gu Gyi Pagoda

It is located on the west of the railways compound and between wards Zay Cho and Hman Dan, there is a temple called Shwe Gu Gyi (Golden Big Cave). One contemporary inscritpiton found at the cave temple mentioned that the ruin left by King Narapati Sithu (AD 1174) was repaired by the crown Prince (Sirimahadhammabhidhaja Sihasura).
The old city Amarapura now stands in ruins. Although there are little remains of the old Amarapura palace, you can still find two masonry buildings - the treasury building and the old watchtower. King Bagyidaw and King Bodawpaya were both buried here and their tombs also remain. The corner pagodas still stand at the four corners of the once square city.
It was decorated with over 28,000 carved wooden figures. The museum which lies inside the monastery compound houses the most interesting collection of over 500 Buddha images as well as a library of palm leaf manuscripts known to be one of the largest and the rarest catalogues in Myanmar.