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Myanmar Gems

Myanmar gems are famous throughout the world. Mogok is a town in Myanmar where most of priceless Gems are mined, lies in a beautiful mountain valley, 128 miles to the north-east of Mandalay, and 60 miles to the east of Ayeyarwaddy river. Mogok is a city of gems also the heart of the gem-zone and the centre of the gem trade. There are many mines producing high-quality and lesser-quality gems.
Myanmar export the following marine products to foreign countries near and far.

List of Banks

Government Banks
Central Bank of Myanmar
26 (A), Sethmu Rd., Yankin Tsp.
Tel : (01) 543751
Myanmar has a total area of 676,577, out of which 50.8 percent is covered with forest of different types (. Statistics F.D Nov. 1998). The forest types are Tidal, Mangrove, Beach and Dune forests which are found in the south and coastal regions; Evergreen forests in areas where there are heavy rainfall; Mixed Deciduous forests along the middle mountain ranges (Bago Yoma);

Rattan is any of various climbing palms of the genera Calamus, Daemonorops, or Plectexport1omia of tropical Asia, having long, tough, slender stems. Theses stems of palms, used to make wickerwork, canes, and furniture. Many types of Rattan furniture are available in Myanmar and there are many exporters.

Myanmar Teak

The botanical name for teak is tectona grandis. The Sanskrit name for it is Saka. The Myanmar people call it kyoon. Sometimes they add the words shwe wa to denote its golden yellowish tinge. Teak is a native of the Indian peninsula, Thailand and Myanmar. It also grows in the Philippine islands, Java and the Malay archipelago. Teak thrives best where the mean annual rainfall is more than 50 inches and temperature which ranges between 75 MF and 81 MF .
The State Law And Order Restoration Council

The Insurance Business Law
(The State Law and Order Restoration Council Law No. 6/96)
The 9th Waxing of 1st Waso, 1358 M.E. (24th June, 1996)
The State Law and Order Restoration Council hereby enacts the following Law:  
Myanmar is endowed with abundant natural and human resources and the Government offers opportunities for investors. There is great potential in marine products and timber processing industries.
Myanmar adopted the market oriented economic system in the year 1988 after adopting the centralised planning economic system for more than two decades. Substantial stabilization and reform measures had been undertaken to be in line with the new economic system. The initial step taken towards a more liberalized economy is to allow foreign direct investment and to encourage the private sector development.

Insurance Agents

Depending in the Insurance Rules and Regutaions, there are some Insurance Agents in Myanmar. Here are some of the agents located in Yangon, Myanmar.
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