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National Kandawgyi Garden was also known as Maymyo botanical garden, Mandalay. It is located in Pyin Oo Lwin (also called Maymyo) town of Mandalay division. The garden covers an area of 344.81 acres. It was established in 1915.In order to serve as a recreation center for the public and to carry out educational activities related to conservation of trees and forests so that people will become interested and appreciate the values of trees and flowers, the Garden was created.
Pho Kyar Forest Resort is located in a foot-hill of Bago Yoma Mountain ranges and lies within the Saing Ya tropical reserved forest. 10 miles away from the town of Thargaya, which is a town on Yangon to Mandalay main motor-road and 204 miles from Yangon and 240 miles from Mandalay. It is about an 8 hour drive from Yangon.There is an international standard resort in this region especially designated for local and foreign tourists.

Reh Lake

Chin State is a mountainous region and lies in the Northwest of the Union of Myanmar. Towns and villages in Chin State are situated on the mountain ranges (or) among the valley and plains.Reh Khaw Da town is a small border village, 65 miles away from Falam and 35 miles from Tiddim. This is the town where the Reh Lake is formed.The Reh Lake is famous in Chin State as the prettiest spot. It is located between Chin mountain range and Indian mountain range.
The Northeast India-Myanmar Pine Forests ecoregion is one of only four tropical or subtropical conifer forest ecoregions in the Indo-Pacific region. All of these ecoregions contain less biodiversity than the forests that surround them. However, they contain processes and species unique to these ecosystems. This ecoregion contains moderate levels of biodiversity but remains largely intact, providing opportunities to conserve and protect this ecoregion's biodiversity into the future.
Shwesettaw Wildlife Sanctuary is 546 kilometre square wildlife and forestry reserve. The sanctuary is located at 20’ 04” N and 94’ 36”E, and lies in the southwest part of the Myanmar Central Dry Zone. This area has a heavy monsoon rains from May to November but a total absence of rain from December to April.Shwesettaw Wildlife Sanctuary lies in the east of the Rakhine Yoma Mountain Range and the landscape is full of low range hills.