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8 Nov, Yangon
On the 8th day of November 2015, a historic general elections took place in all parts of Myanmar from 6am to 4pm. Election results were not announced yet. They are still being counted. For more information and news, please visit translated version of UEC (Union Election Commission) Myanmar web site here.
17 October 2014
Yangon circular train system was designed and implemented by British, and have been in use ever since. However, due to its slow routes and uncleanliness, it was unpopular among the Yangonese population. Recently these trains were upgraded. Clean train cars with air-conditions costs 300 and 400 kyats per ride.
Yangon, August 1
Myanmar's elite and the educated today began to understand better that any country in the world can build new buildings and glassy skycrapers... but they can never get back the old colonial buildings that exists in Yangon today. The most magnificent - and vulnerable buildings in Yangon are those in the Secretariat Building compound, which was the government headquarters from colonial times through to independence in 1948 and the seat of the former military regimes before the move to Naypyidaw.
Yangon, 28 August
According to the statistics, Myanmar Police Force warns that the rape cases of under-age girls has increased up to 300% within the past 10 years. Parents need to be more educated and to be aware of such dangers for their children.
Due to recently collected census in Myanmar, the government has discovered that as many as 12% of young Chin workers from Tidim Township under age of 30, have left their families and they are working abroad. Even though they are elegible voters, many do not know that they can vote remotely in advance.
Yangon, 28 August
U.S. President Barak Obama will be visiting Myanmar for the second time in coming November, 2014. He will be going to Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation summit, to be held in Myanmar..
Myanmar's 2008 consitution defined that each elected administration will be for a term of 5 years (60 months). Now that the U Thein Sein administration is in its second wave of 20-month reforms. Recently the government is demanding each ministry for details of each ministry's reforms in the next 20 months, so called the third-wave of reforms. Many difficulties of most government service processes ends up to the reason that the government departments are not applying modern technologies, even though they are reachable. The top management keeps on pushing hard for a stronger commitment utilizing e-government applications and systems.
Yangon, 24 July 2014
Due to surge of tourist arrivals, Myanmar's immigration department is going through reforms to implement electronic entry-visa system, automated with online payments with major credit cards, which was once never do-able, due to US economic sanctions. Although Myanmar Immigration and Population Ministry has their official web site online, there some useful content in its Myanmar version, though its English version has only 3 pages. Its ever-pending draft e-visa system, viewable at, has been pending for several years now.
After trying nearly 2 decades, Myamar Archaelogy Department could successfully convinced and get the country's first ever 3 ancient Pyu cities listed in UNESCO's World Heritage Sites. These 3 sites, namely Beikthano, Hanlin, and Tharay Khit Tara. Evidence showed that they are as early as 1st century A.D., while some says as early a few milliniums B.C.
9 Nov, Yangon
As the general elections' votes are being counted, many election poll results are showing that Daw Aung San Suu Kyi's NLD party is leading in many places. Official election results are expected to be offcially announced soon after counting are done.
June 18, Inle
Due to deforestation and water inflow to the area, experts from UNDP estimated that the whole lake could disappear within the next 100 years. This huge lake is as large as 116 square-kilometers, and there are nearly half a million inhabitants of various nationalities of Myanmar in and around Inle Lake. Water-level has been gradually decreasing for the past 70 years. Fish population of the lake has been falling significantly too. For those who would like to free fish in the lake, please contact "Shan Fisheries Foundation" at (+95) 09 4283 54349.
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