Myanmar Business and Economy

Myanmar Business & Economy


Doing Business in Myanmar

Myanmar adopted the market oriented economic system in the year 1988 after adopting the centralised planning economic system for more than two decades. Substantial stabilization and reform measures had been undertaken to be in line with the new economic system.

Insurance Rules & Regulations

training, disseminating knowledge and communicatmg with international insurance organizations in order to cause the technology and business of insurance to thrive and be outstanding....

Myanmar Export Products

Rattan is any of various climbing palms of the genera Calamus, Daemonorops, or Plectexport1omia of tropical Asia, having long, tough, slender stems.
  • Myanmar Teak
  • The botanical name for teak is tectona grandis. The Sanskrit name for it is Saka. The Myanmar people call it kyoon. Sometimes they add the words shwe wa to denote its golden yellowish tinge.
  • Rattan and Bamboo
  • Bamboos are found all over Myanmar 17 genera, and about 100 species and 4 varieties are recorded (Hundley and Chit Ko Ko, 1987, revised ed.) (See Appendix I). Natural occurance of different species in various States and Division in Myanmar are given in Appendix II).
  • Marine Products
  • Myanmar export the following marine products to foreign countries near and far.
  • Myanmar Gems
  • Myanmar gems are famous throughout the world. Mogok is a town in Myanmar where most of priceless Gems are mined, lies in a beautiful mountain valley, 128 miles to the north-east of Mandalay.

Business Match Makers

If you would like to get contact with exporters, manufacturers or producers, wholesalers, dealers...

Trading Companies

Myanmar trading companies list and detail information.

Insurance Agents

Depending in the Insurance Rules and Regutaions, there are some Insurance Agents in Myanmar.

List of Banks

Government Banks, Private Banks, Overseas Banks

Myanmar Laws

Laws by Different Governments of Myanmar

Other Business Info

Myanmar is endowed with abundant natural and human resources and the Government offers opportunities for investors.

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