Myanmar Food

Myanmar Food


Hmm.... how can we describe to you? Well, it tastes like chicken! (In case you don't know, it's an American expression that if some taste is hard to tell, just say "It tastes like chicken", because almost everybody know and eat chicken.) Myanmar food may be ranked between Chinese and Thai food. Let's say Myanmar food is a bit richer than Chinese food, and less spicy than Thai food. Yes, this answer may be close.

By the way, if you are interested, you can doodle with the noodles too. Many, but not most, Myanmar dishes are noodles. Both rice and wheat noodles are common. Neither eating beef nor pork is forbidden. However it is not forbidden by Buddhism, some do avoid eating beef.

Before cooking, you should know about the spices and seasonings too.

Myanmar Spices and Seasonings

Myanmar lies in a zone of the world historically famous for the spices and seasoning which add so much zest and flavour to the food.

Some of the popular food and their recipes are shown as below.

Main Dishes

Chicken in coconut soup

The coconut is a versatile fruit for the cook in the kitchen.

Chicken curry Myanmar style

The followings are the ingredients to cook chicken curry in Myanmar Style.

Egg plant curry

The egg-plant is a bored Vegetable. It seems nothing good will come out of its slumberous ways.

Fish cutlets

Myanmar has big rivers and broad chaungs teeming with fish.

Fish in thin gravy

Myanmar people find this dish popular because it preserves the natural flavour of the fish.

Savoury chicken

Myanmar "athoke" is rendered as "salad".

Stir cooked sheet fish

As is natural each fish best produces when it is cooked in a certain way, or fora certain dish. Ngakhu and Ngagyi are best to make fish soup for mohinga.

Duck curry

Duck skin contains much fat and has a rougher texture.

Feather-back fish ball curry

Place scraped fish in a bowt.

Fried pork strands

Marinate pork in a pot with fish sauce, salt, ginger for 15 minutes.

Popular fish curry

Myanmar people living with a coastline that is one thousand four hundred miles long, where the sea washes the beaches of five states and divisions and....


Soup is an essential dish in the menu of most nations.


Crunchy cucumber salad

For a tasty and crunchy cucumber salad, the following ingredients are needed.

String bean salad

Soup is an essential dish in the menu of most nations.


Silver rice

Sticky rice is not generally eaten as the main component of a complete meal with curry dishes and a soup.

Steamed rice

The seventh lunar month of Thadingyut ( October ) is a month of many events.

Brainy Sweet

An enjoyable breakfast for some people is goat brain with nan roti (Indian bread).


Shan soaked noodle

Myanmar offers a variety of noodle dishes: friend noodles, noodles in broth, noodles in starch soup, coconut milk noodles Chinese Muslim style and noodle salad.

Rakhine mone-ti

Rakhine nationals on the Bay of Bengal coast have a special way of making mohinga, the national dish.


Pundits say that the world is at the dawn of a New Golden Age of travel.

Mandalay myee shay

For a learner in English language nothing thrills me as the discovery of a new word or a new usage that emerges in the current writing.

Noodle with corn starch

Boil chicken together with crushed ginger and raw garlic till tender then remove it and set aside to drain.

Shan fish tomato

Customarily the end of monsoon in Myanmar heralds an ideal climate stretching to around six to eight months for travel.

Pounded dishes

There is a set of kitchen equipment which the Myanmar housewife can not do without.

Special Thingyan meal

This special menu is from the Mon State, and is served only during the period of “Thingyan,” the Myanmar Water Festival that ushers in the Myanmar New Year.

Pickled tea leaves

Taking tea usually without milk and sugar is the custom in the Shan State, as it is through out the Union of Myanmar.

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