History of Myanmar

Myanmar History


The Pondaung Primate(Myanmar is the land of human origin)

Pondaung is a geographical region in Myanmar lying partly in the Sagaing and partly in Magway Divisions.

Letter from Myanmar King Mindon

Here is a copy of Myanmar King Mindon's letter to Presidents James Buchanan dated on February, 1857

Myanmar Historical Events

Historical Events in Myanmar are plenty. Some are known to be legends with the different views of people. But many of these are historical parts of the country. We have listed some of the interesting topics in this section.

  • The Hope Diamond
  • In Myanmar, since many eras ago, diamonds were regarded as the most sacred elements on earth, and were offered to pagodas as the Diamond Orb, located at the topmost of the pagoda.

  • The Royal Ruby (Padamyar Ngamauk)
  • This article was written in 1985, one hundred years after King Thibaw and Queen Supayar Latt were taken to India by the British. Myanmar was well-known for its wealth in gold, gems and other natural resources. So in the king's treasury there were plenty of jewels, gold, silver, gems and many more.

  • The Legends of Myanmar Boats
  • Nawara Boat is also called Nawa Rupa Boat. Nawa means nine and Rupa means beauty. It is boat with nine beauties namely the beak and mane of Karaweik Bird, the hump of Bull, the tail of Nga Gyin fish, two tusks of elephant.

  • Mayan Civilization
  • These inscriptions include writing in Arabic, Phoenician, Libyan, Egyptian, Ogam, Tifinag, Chinese, Burmese, and Paliburmese. In all, about 17.3% of the bricks were inscribed with different languages, but if they had any Mayan inscriptions on them, they were designated to the Mayan inscription pile.

  • U Thant(Former United Nations Secretary-General) Island
  • U Thant Island, or officially Belmont Island, is a tiny 100 x 200 foot (30 x 60 metre) artificial island in New York City's East River, just to the south of Roosevelt Island. It lies across from United Nations headquarters at 42nd Street, and is legally considered a part of the Borough of Manhattan and New York County.

Periodical History

There were mainly 3 main well-known empires in the Myanmar History. The First Myanmar Empire was created by King Anawrahta of the Bagan Dynasty (1044-1077 AD). The Second Myanmar Empire was created by King Bayinnaung of the Taungoo Dynasty (1551-1581 AD).

Historical Timeline

Pondaung Man, the earliest primates known today, resided in Pondaung, northern Myanmar. Other traces of early human settlements are also found.

Famous People

King Bayinnaung was also known as Braginoco or Barinnaung. He was the king of the Taungoo dynasty and reigned from 1551 to 81 in Myanmar.

Chronology of Konbaung Period

The Chieftain U Aung Zaya became the First King of the Konbaung Dynasty, and was known as King Alaung Min Tayar.


Descendents of the Royal Family

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History of Myanmar

Myanmar has a long and complex history. Many peoples have lived in the region and the history began.

The first identifiable civilization is that of the Mon. The Mon probably began migrating into the area in about 300 BC, and their first kingdom Suwarnabhumi, was founded around the port of Thaton in about 300 BC. The Pyu arrived in Myanmar in the 7th century and established city kingdoms at Binnaka, Mongamo, Sri Ksetra, and Halingyi. During this period, Myanmar was part of an overland trade route from China to India. By 849, the Burmans had founded a powerful kingdom centered on the city of Bagan and filled the void left by the Pyu. The kingdom grew in relative isolation until the reign of Anawrahta (1044 - 77) who successfully unified all of Myanmar by defeating the Mon city of Thaton in 1057.

After the collapse of Bagan authority, Myanmar was divided once again. The Burmans had restablished themselves at the city of Ava by 1364, where Bagan culture was revived and a great age of Burmese literature ensued. The kingdom lacked easily defendable borders, however, and was overrun by the Shan in 1527. Surviors of the destruction of Inwa eventually established a new kingdom centered on Taungoo in 1531 led by Tabinshwehti (reigned 1531-50), who once again unified most of Myanmar. A popular Burmese leader named Alaungpaya drove the Bago forces out of northern Myanmar by 1753, and by 1759 he had once again conquered Pegu and southern Myanmar while also regaining control of Manipur. He established his capital at Rangoon, now known as Yangon.

Myanmar was known to the West ever since western explorers had heard of it. Marko Polo was the earliest known westerner who discovered Myanmar and introduced to the West.

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