Places to visit in Bagan

Main Attractions in Bagan


Old Bagan

Old Bagan is the place with many historical remains. It is the core of the archaeological zone and contains several of the main pagodas and shrines, city walls and museum. It is on the bank of the Ayeyarwaddy River.

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Nyaung U & Wetkyi In

Nyaung U and Wetkyi In is about 5 km north-east of Old Bagan. It is the most populated area in Bagan. The Airport of Bagan is located in this region and hence called Nyaung U Airport. This region has many markets for shopping purposes and many hotels for accommodation.

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Myinkaba is only about a kilometer away from Bagan to the south. This region has many of the interesting early Bagan monuments. The lacquerware workshops are located in this region too.

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Thiripyitsayar (New Bagan)

Thiripyitsayar is a small village that stands at the former site of a Bagan royal palace. It is about 2km south of Myinkaba region. This place also known as New Bagan, since a lot of new dwellings have been constructed. It consists of guest houses, hotels, souvenir shops and many more.

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Minnanthu is situated in the south of Nyaung U. The monuments in this region are of a later period than thoses in the Central Bagan.

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This region is situated between Myinkaba and Minnanthu regions. There are two villages named as Anauk Pwasaw Ywar and Ashay Pwasaw Ywar, meaning East Pwasaw Village and West Pwasaw Village respectively.

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Around Bagan

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