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Myinkaba is only about a kilometer away from Bagan to the south. This region has many of the interesting early Bagan monuments. The lacquerware workshops are located in this region too.

Manuha Pagoda Festival, Bagan

The followings are listed to be in Myinkaba region.

Manuha Pagoda

Manuha was named after the Mon king from Thaton who was held captive in Bagan by Anawrahta.

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Nagayon Temple

Slightly south of Myinkaba, this elegant and well-preserved temple was built by Kyansittha.

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Gubyaukgyi Temple

Gubyaukgyi is sometimes called "Myinkaba Gubyaukgyi" because of the resembling name of another pagoda in Wet-Kyi In.

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Gubyauknge Temple

Gubyauknge Temple in Myinkaba was built by King Nadaungmyar during AD 1198. The stone inscription describes the donation of the temple, the land and the slaves. The wall paintings inside the temple remain unruined.

Gubyauknge Temple, Myinkaba

Mya Zedi Pagoda

Mya Zedi Pagoda is located between Myinkaba and Bagan. Mya Zedi meaning "Jade Pagoda" in Myanmar.

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Seinnyet Nyima & Seinnyet Ama Paya

Seinnyet Nyima and Seinnyet Ama Paya meaning "The Seinnyet Sisters Pagoda". Nyima meaning younger sister and Ama meaning elder sister. There are two pagodas standing side by side, donated by two sisters of the Bagan monarch.

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Nanpaya Temple

Nanpaya Temple is located just behind the Manuha Pagoda. It was built by Manuha's grand-nephew known as Prince Naga Thaman in the 12th century.

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Soemingyi Monastery and Pagoda

Soemingyi Monastery and Soemingyi Pagoda are named after the lady who supposedly donated its construction.

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Myinkaba Pagoda

This Pagoda stands close to the western side of the Mya Zedi Pagoda near Myinkaba village. It was built by Anawrahta in 11th-century.

Myinkaba Pagoda

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