Sulamani Temple

Sulamani Temple


Sulamani means "Crowning Jewel", was built in 1181 by King Narapati Sithu, who reigned from 1174 to 1211.Combining the horizontal planes of the Early period with the vertical lines of the Middle, the temple features two storeys standing on broad terraces assembled to create a pyramid effect. The brickwork throughout is considered some of the best in Bagan.

Sulamani Temple

Carved stucco on mouldings, pediments and pilasters represents some of Bagan's finest ornamental work and is in fairly good condition. Glazed plaques around the base and terraces are also still visible. Buddha images face the four directions from the ground floor; the image at the main eastern entrance sits in a recess built into the wall.

A walled enclosure in the north of the compound contains the remains of Sulamani Kyaung, a monastery building that housed Sulamani's senior monk and the Tripitaka. It may also have served as an ordination hall. A water tank in the compound is thought to be the only original Bagan reservoir still in use by local residents.

Closer view of the temple and eastern archway

The magnificent eastern view

Buddha image of Sulamani Temple

Mural painting of large reclining Buddha Image on the wall

Fresco image

Mural paintings and archways near a Buddha Image

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