Myeik is a town located in Tanintharyi Division of Myanmar, which is situated on the southern most part of the country.

Myeik's economy has been rising from exporting of local products such as tin, tungsten, dried fish, dried prawns, Ngapi or fish paste, salt and rubber.

Pearl diving and the development of a cultured pearl industry on some of these islands, particularly Pale Kyun (Pearl Island) 85 miles south of Myeik. There are expert divers and make a living searching for oysters and mother-of-pearl.

Lampi Island, 65 miles by 30 miles with mountain ranges of 1500 feet above sea level, boasts lovely beaches, coral reefs, clear water and undisturbed wild life and is being turned into a Marine National Park to attract eco tourists.

Myeik or the Mergui Archipelago has many virgin islands around it. The islands have white sandy beaches, and are good for snorkeling and scuba diving. The sea water is so clear that it is enough to see the coral reefs and the tropical fishes. There are abundant of Lagoon caves, bird nests and waterfalls.


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