Colonial Buildings in Yangon

Yangon's Colonial Buildings


Downtown Yangon is known for the highest number of colonial period buildings in Southeast Asia. The former High Court, the former Inland Water Transport building, the former Secretariat buildings and the Strand Hotel are excellent examples of the Yangon's past. Century-old buildings with magnificent architecture are main tourist attraction in downtown Yangon.

Yangon City Hall

Centrally located in downtown Yangon. The City Hall building is considered to be a fine example of Myanmar architecture. The construction of this building started in 1926 and ended in 1936. The building is enlisted on the Yangon City Heritage List.

Yangon City Hall

Custom House

This is probably one of the well-preserved British colonial buildings in Yangon. The Customs House is located along the Strand Road where most colonial buildings stand today as colonial heritage sites.

Custom House

High Court Building

Formerly known as the Parliament for Justice, this building was constructed in 1914, before World War I. In 1962, the Government turned it into a High Court Head Office.

High Court Building

Inland Water Transport Building

This building is one of the colonial buildings situated in downtown Yangon. IWT manages passenger cruises and cargo ships along the rivers in Myanmar.

The former Inland Water Transport Building on Kannar Road

Strand Hotel

The Strand Hotel is one of Southeast Asia’s grand colonial hotels. The Victorian-style hotel is located in Yangon, built in 1896 by Aviet and Tigran Sarkie, two of the Sarkies Brothers. The hotel, which opened in 1901, faces the Yangon River to its South.

Strand Hotel

Myanmar Port Authority Building

The unique preservation of Myanmar Port Authority was built in 1920. It was restored to her former beauty. It is one of the colonial buildings, situated in downtown Yangon.

Myanmar Port Authority building on Pansoedan Road

Secretariat Buildings or Ministers' Building

The Ministers' Building (the Ministers' Office); formerly The Secretariat or Secretariat Building is occupied an entire city block, bounded by Anawrahta Road to the north, Theinbyu Road to the east, Maha Bandoola Road to the south and Bo Aung Kyaw Street to the west in downtown Yangon. It was the home and administrative seat of British Burma and built in the late 1800s. The structure is more than 120 years old. It was where General Aung San and 6 cabinet ministers were assassinated on 19 July 1947. The building is currently on the Yangon City Heritage List and completely abandoned.

A sneak peek into the Ministers' Building Compound

Some other Colonial Buildings

One of the colonial buildings under renovation beside Yangon city hall

Former Myanmar Railways Headquarters

Another renovated colonial buildings

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