Place to visit in Western Myanmar

Places to Visit : Western Myanmar


  • Ngapali Beach
  • Ngapali Beach is the most beautiful beach among the beaches in Myanmar. Its beautiful sandy beach stretches on the Bay of Bengal and it lies in Rakhine State of Myanmar. Apart from the normal beach activities, excursions like visiting the small fishing villages and local markets; exploring the countryside by bicycle and a boat trips to the magnificent ....

  • Thandwe
  • Before Thandwe was known as "Sandoway". It is located around 9.5 km northeast of Ngapali Beach. Thandwe has the Airport which is the main gateway to the Rakhine State.

  • Mrauk U
  • Mrauk U was once, one of the most powerful kingdom in history. The Rakhine King "Min Saw Mon" founded Mrauk U in 1433. Mrauk U was a leading trade city during its time, and abundant networks of canals allowed small and large vessels to go by.

  • Sittwe
  • Sittwe is the port city of Rakhine State. It sits on the mouth of the Kaladan River where it empties into the Bay of Bengal. People here have the enjoyment of much spicier foods and brigher clothing.

  • Around Sittwe
  • Since Sittwe is a town right on the tip of the Kaladan River flowing into the sea, it is surrounded by many small and large islands. Some of theses places are listed as follows.

  • Kantharyar Beach
  • Kantharyar Beach is the Rakhing State's third pleasant beach resort. Kantharyar by its name meaning the pleasant beach in Myanmar. The beach is about 2km long. This beautiful beach was unveiled on 24th March, 1995 in commemoration of the 50th Golden Jubilee Myanmar Armed Forces Day.

  • Chin State
  • Most of the traditional villages in the Chin area are found along the side of remote hills, near the fields. Long hikes straight down and then straight up are required to reach most of these villages.

  • Lahe (Naga Village)
  • Lahe is a town on Naga Hills of Sagaing Region on the northwest of Myanmar. The Naga New Year Festival is held in Lahe, Layshi, Hkamti and Nanyun as hosts in rotation.

  • Layshi (Naga Village)
  • Layshi is a town in Naga Hills of Sagaing Region on the northwest frontier of Myanmar. The Naga New Year Festival is held rotationally in Lahe, Layshi, Hkamti and Nanyun.

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