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Myanmar's best scene photos.
Myanmar's best scene photos.
Myanmar's best scene photos.
Myanmar's best scene photos.

Myanmar : Choice to travel Asia

Myanmar is located in southeast Asia between Thailand, China and India. Due to its rapid changes and openess, many see it as the next frontier of business opportunities. CNN and Lonely Planet chose Myanmar as the world's number 2 best destinations 2012. Being the 40th largest country and 25th most populated, Myanmar has so much room for growth. We, together with President U Thein Sein and Daw Aung San Suu Kyi, welcome you all with open arms to travel or to invest in Myanmar. View our slideshows.

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Myanmar Embassies are helpful for all business and leasure travelers to come to Myanmar, to get the right information, and right contacts.

Beauty and Health

If you are an expat living in Yangon, you may be looking for these.


e-Government web sites are some of those Myanmar government departments, who are willing and active to implement technologies, hoping for the clean government and good govenance.

Jade and Jewelry

Buying precious stones and jewelry for souvenir is the best bargain hunt, when tourists come to Myanmar. Myanmar rubies and jade are specially known for their qualities and uniqueness.


Engineering companies varies from civil engineers, architects, to machinery distributers and importers.


River cruises are not most interesting, but also luxurios services in the country for tourists. Ayeyarwady River is the widest and longest river in Myanmar.


Construction and real-estate property developers are also one of the locally most popular businesses online.